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Last Weeks <3

So my Amazing EVS is over. And in the end, I had my Goodbye Party! A really beautiful occasion to thank them for everything, this lovable period of my life, a magnificent time!!! THANK YOU!!! I will be never tired to repeat it!!! AMAZING TIME!!! ACIU LABAI LABAI LABAI!!!   And how was started, it … Leggi tutto Last Weeks ❤

Cubes week

Main activity of this week was to remove from the back of the office building wooden cubes which formed a nice platform. They decided to take them because now they are old and ruined by time and water. We filled a lot of bags and we will use them in the heating system. At the … Leggi tutto Cubes week

Houses event week

In this week we had the event for which we gave invitations: an expert in wooden house making had a detailed presentation on building processes and gave also info about particulars of the houses. After this there was a prizegiving for the “Tytuvenai Nicest Traditional House”! Very nice!! This event was organized by Ieva. She … Leggi tutto Houses event week

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